Wednesday, October 22, 2014

out at sea

Dress: Robert Rodriguez, similar style here (full outfit post coming soon)

Apologies for the radio silence as of late -- hopped out of town for a quick getaway (my first cruise actually!) with Princess Cruises and have been enjoying a lot of salty ocean air and lazy days by the pool. Granted, wifi has been a bit unpredictable out on the open water (as expected) but it's been the perfect excuse to unplug for a few days and clear my head. When quiet moments like this come along, I love crafting a little playlist to zone out to -- something to tune the world out (even for just a moment). Here's a taste of what I've had on repeat lately...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

gorgeous & green

I know I say this from time to time here on the blog, but sometimes when those certain hellish work weeks come along (you know the kind), it's easy to just crawl back into bed and give into marathon sessions of {insert cult hit TV show here} and resign until Monday. And trust me, sometimes you really need just that reboot. But other times, especially those that give you an excuse to scoot out of work a bit early on a Friday (but not too early) and throw on a cocktail dress -- well, you have to take advantage. 

Last weekend, I was invited to the Gorgeous & Green Gala at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco put on by the Global Green organization, whose proceeds go back toward advocating for smarter solutions to climate change and other eco-friendly initiatives. Aside from fan girling over Goldie Hawn and Navid Negahban among other celebrity hosts for the evening, I loved finding an excuse to hunt down a green dress for the occasion (the evening's attire requirement). Oddly enough, I don't own a lot of green in my wardrobe (especially of the cocktail variety), but this emerald color caught my eye so much while I was browsing The RealReal that I may have to incorporate more of it into the daily rotation.  

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